A Fairmont Peace of History

The full version of this article can be found in MillionaireAsia's upcoming August 2017 issue.

Vintage revolving doors, custom-patterned mosaic floors, antique elevator cages and Lalique glass fixtures – few destinations around the world can claim the nostalgia and glamour of the 1930s like the Fairmont Peace Hotel, Shanghai. Beginning from its iconic art deco façade and leading all the way into its stunning octagonal stained glass lay light, a walk within the grand corridors of this historical gem is a vicarious trip down Shanghai’s golden years. Brimming with luxurious comforts and decades of stories and secrets, the evergreen charm of the Fairmont Peace Hotel is a journey through time like no other.

Take a glimpse into Shanghai's past at the Fairmont Peace Hotel.

The Hotel


Old Jazz Band

The Rooms

The Bund

Combining historic elegance with modern luxury, the restyled Fairmont Peace Hotel has comfortably made its place alongside Fairmont’s impressive list of heritage hotels, including The Savoy, London and The Park, New York.​

About Fairmont Peace Hotel:

Fairmont Peace Hotel, situated in Shanghai, China, is a 'luxurious Art-Deco masterpiece’, brilliantly reinvented for the 21st century where old fashioned glamour sparkles with a new luster. Situated at the famous Bund promenade and the unrivaled shopping area on Nanjing Road, it is the perfect place to explore Shanghai’s spectacular scenery and vibrant lifestyle.

Text and Images courtesy of Fairmont Peace Hotel | http://www.fairmont.com/peace-hotel-shanghai/

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