Powered by blockchain and cutting-edge digital solutions, QONECT SNS aims to decentralize social networking and put users at the centre of both functionality and return.

In the current age of big data and social media, information has become a double-edged sword. For each question fed into a search bar or accurate top result received in seconds, there are keywords registered, patterns established – a digital profile of users being updated with their every move. And for every digital profile, as brought to light by the recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, there is a highest bidder looking to exploit this information for profit.

But what if the user was at the receiving end of this profit instead of corporate advertisers? Built on refinements to the Ethereum blockchain, recently launched Social Networking Service (SNS) app QONECT aims to do exactly this. By using cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to not only provide users with bespoke recommendations, but also map their conversion and authenticate attribution, the app seeks to create a paradigm shift in social advertising.

The Blockchain Advantage

Headquartered in Japan, QONECT was founded by CEO Hikaru Shishido to solve existing problems in the advertising industry by enabling optimal recommendation and attribution analysis for individuals based on big data. User-generated content such as reviews and recommendations has always been the most valuable advertising resource available to businesses. However, traditional digital analytics have struggled with identifying exactly who broadcast what information and, most importantly who converted on it offline. By using next-gen attribution technology bolstered by AI and blockchain technology, QONECT will be able to perform attribution analysis of routes leading up to conversions that could not be mapped until now.

The mapping also allows for users to be identified when their contribution leads to conversions, and be rewarded for it via QONECT tokens. Much like Bitcoin, these tokens function as both incentive and compensation for the user’s time and effort taken to broadcast their recommendations and reviews. The tokens can be converted into store points or gift cards, with transactions being governed by QONECT’s state-of-the-art blockchain-based smart contract capabilities, ensuring the safety of all transactions.

QONECT seeks to create a paradigm shift in social advertising by ensuring that contributions by from users lead to actual conversations

Where Virtual Meets Reality

From its simple user interface to personal concierge services, QONECT was designed with the user at its core. This is most evident from its advanced AR capabilities that allow users to simply point their device camera on a store and instantly view registered store information, reviews and discounts in real time. Known as Air Tag, this feature also offers users the option of a futuristic 3D map to any destination of their choosing, with AR directions ensuring they never miss a turn.

The app’s state-of-the-art AI also ensures that users have customized recommendations at their fingertips. By tracking their activity, the AI surmises a user’s hobbies, tastes and preferences and only offers recommendations tailored to these. Much like existing social applications, the user can simply search for a hashtag with their topic of interest. However, instead of having to scroll through irrelevant information, they are directly shown posts that cater to their interests. QONECT also offers recommendations via push notifications when a user passes by a store or location that matches their history.

The app is completely integrated with existing social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, and lets users post their reviews directly through the platform as well, further enabling their participation in offers of rewards.

The QONECT app was co-founded by Hikaru Shishido

A Leader In the Making

QONECT’s breakthrough attribution ability will position it as one of the firsts of its kind in the market, a goal the company is steadily working towards in both speed and efficiencies. Backed by an illustrious team of industry veterans, the app aims to have its attribution technology implemented by 2019.

Setting a globalized vision from the very start, the company has already moved beyond Japan to set up an office in Crypto Valley, Switzerland, and corporations in Singapore Taiwan and Korea. With an impending Initial Coin Offering (ICO) scheduled for November this year, the company aims to revolutionize the advertising industry in Asia before expanding into Europe and the United States.

This article was first printed in MillionaireAsia Issue 49 - Sep 2018

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