ZPX announces the successful launch of its 108 Token, providing investors with easy access to the growing crypto asset class.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies has picked up pace as a result of the huge success of Bitcoin over the last year with many more investors now taking a closer look at the crypto space. However, this has also resulted in an explosion of Bitcoin competitors such as Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, EOS and more.

Investors suddenly have multitudes of choices in cryptocurrencies to invest in with each having its own complexities in terms of storage, transactions and trading methodologies.

The idea behind the launch of 108 Token was to remove these complexities and provide investors with a tokenized way to access cryptocurrency markets in a manner that is easy to understand, simple to trade while providing diversified exposures and backed by real assets held by the issuer. These advantages, coupled with security of industrial level cold storage provides new crypto investors an easy passive investment product and seasoned investors with an alternative where they can parlay a small percentage of their funds in an indexed low-risk product.

108 Token enables diversification of the portfolio while still limiting the dominance that a particular currency such as Bitcoin could have over others due to its large market cap. Moreover, 108 Token uses cold storage to secure investors’ assets and algorithms to enable easy rebalancing on a monthly basis.

The enormous success of the 108 Token’s Series 1 offering proved that there is continued demand for index products in the cryptocurrency space, much like other volatile asset classes such as equities. Thus, ZPX has now launched Series 2 of the 108 Token – in similar style but with more access into the space. Unlike Series 1, Series 2 will be an open-ended exchange traded fund (ETF) issued periodically to new subscribers on a rolling basis, redeemable at net asset value (NAV).

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This article was first printed in MillionaireAsia Issue 49 - Sep 2018

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